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Do something positive for your body by taking probiotics

Do ever eat processed foods? Have you taken antibiotics recently? When you go out to dinner or grab a quick lunch out, do you always go to places where the food is organically grown or do you just go to the most convenient place?

If so, you're not alone. And you need probiotics.

It's no accident that "probiotics" sounds like the opposite of "antibiotics." "Antibiotic" literally means "against the body." Antibiotics kill viruses, but they also kill many of the good bacteria in your gut, bacteria you need for proper digestion.

This is why it's recommended that you eat at least one serving of natural, organic yogurt once a day for at least two weeks after you've taken a round of antibiotics to replenish the good bacteria in your gut.

What most people don't realize is that processed foods, processed supplements, antibiotics and other drugs, and even improper sleep can deplete your population of good bacteria.

In our modern world, we all eat processed food and take processed supplements to some extent. And almost all of us have taken antibiotics. Sleep, too, suffers in the modern world due to the prevalence of stress.

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Poor digestion isn't the only result of depleted good bacteria. Your immune system is also weakened, so you catch colds, flu, and other illnesses more easily.

Think of your natural "good bacteria" as your defense forces, and then consider what happens when you eat processed food, take processed supplements and antibiotics, don't sleep well and as a result, kill off many of your troops.

Thus, you only have a skeleton crew left to do the work of many battalions.

Gerry Morton, CEO of EnergyFirst, recommends the following:

  1. Seek out low-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt that are high in probiotics, and keep them refrigerated.
  2. Eat yogurt that contains live cultures.
  3. Take a daily probiotic supplement like EnergyFirst Greenergy
  4. Keep your probiotic supplements in the refrigerator.

Probiotics have been studied for at least 100 years and have been shown to be effective for:

  • Ear infections
  • Bladder infections
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Vaginal yeast infections
  • Children's food and skin allergies
  • Premature labor
  • Chronic diarrhea

Additionally, probiotics can have a preventative effect on:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Inflammatory bowel syndrome
  • Traveler's diarrhea

If you'll be traveling soon to a country with a questionable water supply, take some probiotics with you as a precaution.


Gerry Morton, CEO of EnergyFirst, is an experienced athlete who has competed in 30+ marathons and 4 Ironman triathlons. Gerry is an excellent source of information on nutrition, supplementation and effective exercise. Since 1997, he has been educating and motivating others on how to attain peak performance.


Our Story

Our Story

EnergyFirst, a leading company in the all-natural protein and supplement industry, was founded in 1997. We, at EnergyFirst, believe that everyone can benefit from drinking a protein shake whether the goal is optimal nutrition in a meal replacement, an easy and healthy breakfast alternative, a weight loss aid, or a protein supplement for athletes. We also believe that your protein shake should be 100% natural and delicious. Nutritionist, educator, athlete, and EnergyFirst's CEO, Gerry Morton is committed to providing customers with all natural, science-based, effective products for optimal nutrition, weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle.

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