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One Week to Better Fitting Clothes

Are you frustrated because your pants, shorts or skirts keep getting tighter and tighter?  A common complaint in American these days is pants that seem to be shrinking. 

Newsflash—it’s not the pants that are cause for concern…but you knew that.

Here are 7 tips that will give you some breathing room in those pants within one short week.

  1. Make breakfast your biggest meal of the day – Make lunch a smaller meal and dinner should be very modest.  This means a breakfast of approximately 300-500 calories, lunch 250-450 calories, and dinner 200-400 calories.

  2. Have a snack in mid-afternoon to beat the blood sugar blues —Around 3pm, eat about 100-200 calories total and make sure it includes some high-quality protein and that it is low in fat.  An apple with a piece of low-fat string-cheese is a good example. Better yet, enjoy a scoop of EnergyFirst ProEnergy Protein Power, the best quality protein available – and it tastes great too!

  3. Eat some protein before bedtime - Try a scoop of EnergyFirst ProEnergy Protein Powder in 4-6 ounces of lukewarm water just before going to bed.  You’ll sleep better and your muscles will get the nutrients they need to be strengthened and repaired.

  4. Eliminate (or dramatically minimize) processed, refined starches – Avoid processed starches such as white bread, pasta, potatoes and chips.  These are scarcely better than eating plain white sugar.  Replace them with whole wheat or whole grains.

  5. Eliminate refined sugar — Sugar it messes with your blood sugar and insulin levels, and is a major cause of pants fitting too tight.

  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables – Like most people, you are probably not getting enough of your daily nutrition from fruits and vegetables.  By eating more of these important foods, you will end up eating fewer calories and more of the good calories.  Also, try a scoop of EnergyFirst Greenergy in your protein shakes or water for a boost of healthful green vegetables.  Each scoop is the equivalent of 5-7 servings of vegetables!

  7. Eliminate or reduce alcohol consumption - If you choose to drink alcohol, limit yourself to 1 drink 3 times a week.

Follow these simple guidelines and soon you’ll be thinking about buying new pants—in a smaller size!

More tips on how you can burn stubborn body fat can be found by visiting www.energyfirst.com.

Our Story

Our Story

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