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What’s In Your Bottled Water May Shock You

It may surprise you to know that water currently marketed as “pure” is sometimes nothing more than regular tap water... or something worse.

You see, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, while some bottled water goes through additional filtering, some of it does not.

In fact, bottled water products are not even required to go through the standard testing procedures that local municipalities require their tap water go through. So what you’re drinking in that fancy container of bottled water could be WORSE than what you could get from your tap.

But, please, don’t stop drinking water!

Drinking water is essential for energy, burning fat, enhancing your metabolism, detoxifying your body, transporting nutrients to your cells, and plays a major role in how you look and feel each day.

To stay hydrated, you need to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of pure water (spread out over the day). Therefore, if you weigh 150 pounds, you need at least 75 ounces of pure water a day. Remember, you cannot drink too much pure water-the more the better.

How do you know if you are hydrated?

Your urine should be almost clear once every 24 hours. Remember: Thirst is not a good guide because by the time you experience thirst, you are already 2-3% dehydrated, which means your energy is depleted by 20-30%.

Distilled water is the best choice for pure water.

It is rated purest and cleanest by National Science Foundation and it contains the least parts-per-million of contaminants.

You can find distilled water at any supermarket, and it is usually the least expensive. Popular brands include Arrowhead Mills, and Glaceau Smart Water (which comes in plain and flavored).

A home distiller is also a great option.

Energizing your body with clean, pure water is Step Two in our 7-Step Energy for Life Program. That’s just how important it is to your overall health.

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Our Story

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