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Toxins, Free Radicals and Disease

Living life in 2010 has its advantages and disadvantages.

While we have some of the most wonderful of modern conveniences at our fingertips, some of this “progress” is responsible for the toxic environment in which we live – and that’s not so good.

Toxins have invaded our water, our food, our air, and many of the items we use routinely and, as a result, our health is threatened on a daily basis.

How toxins threaten your health

Once in your body, environmental toxins meet up with the free radicals already residing there and that’s when all havoc breaks loose. Let me explain.

Free radicals are oxygen atoms that are considered “unstable” because they have at least one unpaired electron. As you may know, electrons should exist in pairs.

As a result of this instability, the free radicals are in constant search of a molecule from which to steal an electron so that it can restore itself with an even number of electrons. Once it finds a molecule to steal from it does so, however it leaves behind a newly-created free radical. This process is repeated over and over and more and more free radicals are formed.

Then when just one of these free radicals comes into contact with the toxic material in our body, the free radical process speeds up and, within seconds, millions of new ones are formed!

The existence of so many free radicals is considered a major cause of “dis-ease” in your body, as they jeopardize the health of every cell and can accelerate the aging process.

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • Follow our 7-Step Energy First Program, designed to naturally protect you from free radical activity as it leads you down a path toward total health.

  • Drink Greenergy as an easy way to boost your immune system and detoxify your system of the toxins that mean it no good.

  • Try our Antioxidant Complex. It’s a powerful blend of antioxidants combined to protect your body’s cells and reduce the risk of disease and disorder caused by everyday toxins, pollutants, and free radicals.

Our Story

Our Story

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