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OmegaEnergy Fish Oil

The Highest Potency, Purest, USP Certified, 2-1 Ratio EPA/DHA!
The Unrivaled EnergyFirst Omega-3 Fish Oil!

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60 capsules per bottle.


EnergyFirst Omega-3 Fish Oil is a high quality supplement that is USP certified (To view the USP Verification Program’s stringent criteria, see this link). It is the best omega-3 supplement clinically proven to benefit brain and heart health, improve eye health, and strengthen bone health and immune function. While supporting these important systems in your body, OmegaEnergy Fish Oil can help slow down or prevent Alzheimer’s disease, mood disorders, age-related macular degeneration or vision loss, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and many more conditions. The fatty acids found in EnergyFirst’s Omega-3 Fish Oil is important for every age and stage of development—from infancy to old age. You can include OmegaEnergy Fish Oil in your healthy weight loss program as it helps control weight, stabilize blood sugar, and build lean muscle. Experience the health benefits of the best purified and cost-effective fish oil supplement. Experience EnergyFirst’s Omega-3 Fish Oil.

[Physicians recommend the ideal EPA to DHA ratio of 40:20 for optimal heart and brain health. EnergyFirst Omega-3 Fish Oil has this perfect EPA/DHA ratio, which assures an ample and balanced supply of the more potent EPA. EPA competes with and chokes AA, an omega-6 fatty acid that is responsible for inflammation, the underlying cause of many chronic diseases.]

Each OmegaEnergy Fish Oil Capsule
  • has the perfect, recommended dose of EPA to DHA, more potent than any other fish oil on the market (and more potent than algae oil, which often only has DHA)
  • has 1 full gram of pharmaceutical grade fish oil packed into an easy-to-swallow capsule
  • is safe due to strict molecular distillation that removes heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs and keeps the fish oil free of other dangerous toxins commonly found in fish
  • can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or other progressive, degenerative brain diseases
  • can lower the risk of the #1 killer in America—heart disease—and stroke (also one of our nation’s most expensive diseases)
  • eases depression and lowers depressive symptoms of bipolar and seasonal mood disorders
  • improves autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and symptoms, such as migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, lupus erythematosus, and psoriasis. It helps reduce the stiffness and joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis
  • boosts brain function to prevent memory loss
  • supplies pregnant mothers with the omega-3 she needs, thus improving prenatal health and preventing brain, vision, or nerve problems for the unborn, developing fetus
A striking trend in modern diets, especially in Western nations, is a dangerous shift in the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Most people now consume 10 times more omega-6 than omega-3 fats. Both are “essential.” The caveat is that omega-6 promotes inflammation and omega-3 reduces inflammation. Therefore, an appropriate balance between the two is just as essential. An unhealthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats can promote inflammation, which is the underlying cause of many chronic diseases. Many professional medical organizations, such as the American Heart Association (AHA), recommend an increase in omega-3 to address this problematic imbalance. The AHA even advises patients with coronary heart disease to consume about 1 gram/day of EPA and DHA, two main types of omega-3 fatty acids, combined.
Fish Oil Ingredients

Blame Inflammation, Then Tune it Down With Omega-3

If you don’t consume enough omega-3 fatty acids, your body will experience an unwanted rise in inflammatory “markers”, such as TNF, Inter Leuken-1, and other cytokines. This inflammation, plus the added damage and inflammation caused by free radicals from sunlight, the environment, unhealthy foods, and aging can set the stage for serious inflammatory diseases. A powerful antioxidant such as omega 3 can help curtail inflammatory diseases.

Inflammation leads to or aggravates cardiovascular disease, asthma, arthritis, or even cancer.1, 2 Inflammation is also responsible for joint pain (from arthritis or from playing sports) and stiffness. Thankfully omega-3 reduces inflammation.

Why is Omega-3 Fish Oil "Essential"?

Before examining the benefits of omega-3 fish oil, it is important to appreciate the importance of omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs). Omega-3 EFAs are considered “essential” because your body cannot make them. You can only get them from the food and supplements that make up your diet. Two main EFAs your body needs are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Fish oil is a great source of both EPA and DHA. Plants contain the alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an EFA that is only partially converted into EPA and DHA by the body. To improve your health with omega -3 EFAs, make sure to consume these essential fats through food and/or fish oil capsules daily. Although one can get omega-3 from healthy sources of fish, nuts, and seeds, supplementation can provide excellent benefits.

What are the benefits of EPA and DHA?

EPA and DHA are essential for all ages, men and women alike. They are important for general wellness as well as disease prevention throughout the human lifespan—for infants, children, adults, and seniors. The following are some of the main benefits of EPA and DHA from omega-3 fish oils:

Omega-3 benefits for BRAIN:

    The average human brain contains 20 grams of DHA so proper brain function is impossible without a steady supply of DHA. In fact, omega-3 EFAs play a role in maintaining normal neural functions that omega-6 fatty acids cannot play. EFAs are especially important for fetal brain development and growth.3
  • As infants and toddlers grow, omega-3 EFAs can improve their ability to learn skills such as proper hand-eye coordination, socializing skills, and an appropriate attention span. They can even help improve test-taking skills and concentration. Omega-3 Fish Oil can help reduce the risk of ADHD. One scientific study reported that 50% of subjects categorized under the ADHD category took fish oil supplements for three months. Omega 3 fatty acids showed significant improvement in their learning problems, thus changing their potential ADHD status.4
  • Omega-3 fish oils are also important throughout adulthood and during aging. Because omega-3 fish oils are protective against inflammation, they help prevent the decline in the brain’s cognitive function that leads to dementia. It also helps prevent or slow down the progression of brain shrinkage, degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, or schizophrenia.5
  • Whether you have depression or not, it is important to understand the role of omega-3 fish oil in depression. A deficiency in omega-3 EFA’s makes one more vulnerable to depression. A natural way to prevent or treat depression without any unpleasant side effects is EnergyFirst Omega-3 Fish Oil. There appears to be a strong association between low DHA levels in the blood and low levels of the “happy hormone” serotonin. Since low levels of serotonin are strongly associated with depression and suicide it is important to prevent a deficiency of DHA with omega-3 EFAs.6 In one study, 64% of the manic-depressive patients who took fish oil reported a measurable improvement in their symptoms, as opposed to only 19% taking a placebo.7
  • Omega-3 can even benefit patients with psychiatric disorders who often deal with cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake (which depletes neurons of DHA), obesity, and the metabolic side effects of certain psychotropic medications.8
  • The central nervous system also reaps benefits from omega-3 EFAs. DHA and EPA are both involved in many neuronal processes, from regulating gene expression to maintaining healthy cell membrane fluidity. To understand the way omega-3 fats help maintain function of every cell in our body, it helps to consider how omega-3 works in fish like salmon. Wild salmon, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, live in extremely cold water temperatures. How do their cells survive these cold temperatures? Instead of hardening, these fats stay fluid and flexible in cold water temperatures so that fish can still swim. Omega-3 fatty acids work much the same way in humans—they keep human cell membranes fluid, flexible, and healthy. This is especially important for our red blood cells. In order for red blood cells to safely and easily bend and flow through the smallest capillaries in our body, the cells need to be flexible. This assures that oxygen gets delivered to all cells.3

Omega-3 benefits for HEART:

  • Your heart will later thank you for taking the recommended amounts of omega-3 now, before it’s too late. They are needed to improve heart health in both men and women. They help improve the health of your cardiovascular system, thus preventing heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis.
  • About 10 million Americans have irregular heartbeats—arrhythmias. Omega-3 fish oils are a natural way to improve arrhythmias or dangerous, life-threatening heart rhythms. Taking an easy-swallow capsule is easier than implanting an invasive device inside your body or regularly taking medications that cause unpleasant side effects.9
  • Face it. An unhealthy heart is fatal. Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and cardiac death by up to 36% with a simple fish oil capsule.10
  • Omega-3 EFAs reduce stroke risk by decreasing the amount of dangerous blood clots in the veins. Also, lower blood pressure naturally by expanding the blood vessels with omega-3 fatty acids.11

Omega-3 benefits for BONES:

  • Studies have shown that a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids can strengthen bone health and structure. Preliminary studies show omega-3 fats can improve calcium absorption and reduce bone loss, possibly contributing to the prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.12-14

Omega-3 benefits for EYES:

  • Prevent vision loss and age-related macular degeneration and or treat symptoms for dry eye syndrome with omega-3 fish oils.15

Omega-3 benefits for BONES::

  • Studies have shown that a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids can strengthen bone health and structure. Preliminary studies show omega-3 fats can improve calcium absorption and reduce bone loss, possibly contributing to the prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.12-14

Omega-3 benefits for DIABETES:

  • Effectively reduce dangerous levels of triglycerides with omega-3 fish oils by up to 50% to help prevent diabetes complications.16, 17 You may be relieved to find that omega-3 EFAs can help prevent both insulin resistance and diabetes by improving how the liver processes sugar.18

Omega-3 benefits for CANCER:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish and fish oils are associated with reduced rates and risk of breast, colon, prostate, and rectal cancers.19, 20

Omega-3 benefits for LUNGS:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids can be help repair lungs damaged by cystic fibrosis, emphysema, or smoking.21

Omega-3 benefits for WEIGHT LOSS:

  • Omega-3 EFAs can promote healthy weight loss by stopping the formation of fat (lipid synthesis). They may be useful in preventing weight gain by burning fat (fatty acid oxidation). 22

Omega-3 benefits for PREGNANCY:

  • Because new cells and tissues are forming, expectant mothers need to have a healthy diet to support pregnancy. DHA is important for fetus brain growth and eye development. Scientific research suggests that children need both DHA and EPA to develop learning, language, and memory skills. Low levels of these EFAs can impair healthy brain function during early phases of life as well as throughout the entire lifespan. Low omega-3 fatty acids are linked to brain disorders children often experience such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism spectrum disorders. 23
OmegaEnergy™ pure fish oil vs. the competition:
Product Total EPA/DHA per Capsule (mg) # of Capsules per Bottle Total EPA/DHA per Bottle (mg) Cost per Bottle Cost per 1,000mg of EPA/DHA USP Certification for EPA and DHA
EnergyFirst OmegaEnergy
Fish Oil
600mg 60 36,000 $19.99 $0.55 Yes
Mercola Krill Oil 120mg 60 7,200 $24.95 $3.47 Unknown
Antarctic Pure -
Krill Oil
120mg 60 7,200 $24.95 $3.47 Unknown
Iceland Health - Maximum Strength Omega-3 500mg 30 15,000 $39.95 $2.6 Unknown
GNC - Preventive Nutrition Omega Complex 100mg 108 103,800 $14.99 $1.39 Unknown
Nutrilite - Omega 3 Complex Ocean Essentials Heart 600mg 90 54,000 $43.95 $0.81 Unknown
ZONE- EicoPro Capsules 600mg 120 72,000 $57.76 $0.81 Unknown
Ultimate Omega
(Nordic Naturals)
300mg 60 18,000 $13.95 $0.69 Unknown
OmegaRx Fish Oil 600mg 120 72,000 $50.00 $0.69 Unknown
ZONE- EicoRx Capsules 600mg 120 72,000 $49.56 $0.67 Unknown
Dr. Weil - Omega-3 Complex 500mg 60 30,000 $19.99 $0.67 Unknown
ZONE- OmegaRx Capsules 600mg 120 72,000 $40.76 $0.57 Unknown

Note: The following comparison chart addresses the cost of EPA/DHA rich omega-3 fatty acids per gram. While some reviewed products offer ingredients apart from EFAs that may yield health benefits, the cost of long chain omega-3s is the sole calculation for our purposes here.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Though the maker of this proverb probably did not have omega-3 fish oils in mind, it could not be truer for these fish oil capsules. Each fish oil capsule packs the power to boost your immunity, decrease depressive symptoms, fight obesity, and strengthen your heart.

Because they are top quality fish oil capsules, there is no room in these small packages for bad side effects, such as upset stomach or awkward, fishy “repeat” (or fishy burps), which are usually signs of a rancid, low-quality product. EnergyFirst fish oil is pharmaceutical grade fish oil that is easy to digest.

EnergyFirst fish oil packs more potent EPA and DHA than most other brands, such as Pharmax, Carlson, Iceland, and Nature Made.

Are you on a budget? A great supplement for a tight budget should offer the most benefits for each dollar spent. In comparison to other fish oil brands available, EnergyFirst’s Omega-3 Fish Oil costs less per milligram of EPA/DHA. Thus, it is cost-effective for you and your nation. Heart disease alone costs the United States $312.6 billion annually.25

To Be Healthy, Take Omega-3 Fish Oil

The types of fats we choose to consume can have a great effect on our health. Some fats, such as saturated and trans fats, have a bad reputation due to the role they play in promoting diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 EFAs are not only beneficial to health, they are “essential”. It is important to remember they need to be properly consumed through food and/or fish oil capsules because our bodies cannot manufacture them.

Although adequate amounts of DHA and EPA can be consumed from your diet alone, it will most likely be hard to get all the omega-3 you need. For various reasons such as high cost, personal preference, or limited availability, many do not eat fish on a regular basis or do not make an effort to use oils high in omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, it comes as no surprise that our nation tends to be deficient in these essential fatty acids.

A safe recommended amount of omega-3 per day is at least 1 gram of omega-3 fish oil. EnergyFirst OmegaEnergy™ fish oil capsule has exactly the 1 gram you need per day. You would need to eat 3 to 4 ounces of prime sources such as salmon, mackerel, herring or sardines to get that dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Many people prefer to supplement OmegaEnergy™ fish oil capsules not only because they offer a convenient, cost-effective way to obtain the plethora of health benefits these EFAs offer, but also to avoid the dangerous toxins, PCBs, and heavy metals increasingly present in many types of fish-especially shark, swordfish, Albacore tuna, tilefish and king mackerel.

To Be on the Safe Side…

Why not cover your bases every day with a safe, strictly molecularly-distilled, pharmaceutical grade fish oil capsule? You can still enjoy fresh, clean, sustainable seafood sources of omega-3 EFAs as a bonus when you have access to it.


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1 – 2$19.99
3 +$16.99

60 capsules per bottle.


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your
purchase, simply return the
unused portion within 90
days for a full refund.

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