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Joe Dillon Shares - The EnergyFirst Program (6 cd's)

Joe Dillon Shares – Learn the Official EnergyFirst Program! Lose Weight, Get Lean, and Feel Great!


While we would all love to live a healthier lifestyle, but we don't always know where to start. Whether it is due to being pushed for time or not having enough knowledge, many people fall off the health wagon on a daily basis. Joe Dillon shares the EnergyFirst Program and inspires you to get on track to living your best life. By following the EnergyFirst program, experts and beginners alike can make staying healthy easy, fun, and filled with results you've only dreamed about.


Get Optimum Health & Weight Loss Tips from Joe Dillon – Developed Officially for EnergyFirst!
Online Price: $49.99

As a former All-American swimmer with 30 years experience in the fitness field, Joe Dillon is an expert in staying healthy. Alongside his other sporting achievements, Joe has also worked as a US marine, fought in the Vietnam war, and trained 22 Olympic gold medal athletes. He knows that the only way to achieve optimal health is to take scientific evidence and translate it to healthy habits.

Through Joe's six set CD, you will be able to take charge of your physical and mental well-being. You will learn about the types of supplements you need to optimize your health. You will be exposed to the secrets behind which foods you should really be eating or avoiding. You will gain strategies for setting goals that are practical and achieveable. You will discover how to create a workout program that helps you see the best results within the shortest amount of time. Most importantly, the EnergyFirst Lifestyle program will teach you how to balance your blood sugar, immune system, cholesterol, and cortisol.

One of the key lessons taught in this program is how to benefit from Whey Protein Isolate, a supplement that is central to maintaining your health. Joe Dillon will explain how this supplement will present itself as 90% protein in your body, while staying virtually lactose and cholesterol free. As protein is filled with amino acids, the building blocks of life, it is essential that you know how to fill your diet with it while obtaining all the other nutrients needed to function properly. Joe Dillon's simple lessons will allow you to gain such knowledge, regardless of what your health science knowledge is. By arming yourself with such knowledge, you will gain the confidence needed to become a healthier and happier person.

In total, this program contains six CDs. Each CD lasts for just one hour, and during that hour you will be exposed to lessons that will help you increase your life expectancy and overall sense of vitality. Due to their portable nature, these CDs can be listened to anywhere. Whether you are on your way to work, taking a break in the office, or doing the housework, you will be able to stick a CD in your player and begin benefiting from the lessons recorded on them. As these CDs are so packed with information, you will be able to listen to them over and over while learning something new each time.

It is often said that the key to success is knowledge. This is a mantra that applies to health more than any other area of your life. By taking on board the knowledge that Joe Dillon has to offer, you will find yourself living a healthier and happier life in no time.

Customer Reviews

Great intro to the EnergyFirst Program

Joe Dillon gives an excellent description of how the body works and how the EnergyFirst Program can help all of us. I've listened to these CD's probably a dozen times over the years and still go back to them when I need a refresher. Probably the best I've heard on nutrition, exercise, and core supplementation.

John Fisher, DDS

Montgomery, Alabama


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Featured Success Story

"I have lost weight... and inches off my waist while feeling energized throughout the day. Thank you EnergyFirst!"

EnergyFirst´s products have made me healthier than I have ever been. As a 24 year old business owner, I live at a face pace and need the energy to power me through my day.
Mike Brown, CEO www.ModBargains.com
Orange County, CA