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Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle | Shaker Bottle | Shake Mixer


Now that you've discovered the world's best whey protein isolate shakes, you need an easy, portable way to mix your shakes. When you want to whip up a quick, high-quality meal replacement shake at home, at work or on the road, the EnergyFirst Blender Bottle the best tool for the job. This attractive, lightweight BPA-free shake mixer is the perfect accessory to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.


Mix Energy First shakes quickly and conveniently. BPA free.
Online Price: $10.99

All new SportMixer!  This is the latest and greatest Blender Bottle available anywhere.  On sale for a limited time.  Normally $15.99!

The EnergyFirst Blender Bottle is a specially-designed container that makes mixing up one of our EnergyFirst meal replacement shakes quick and easy. It features a removable top that allows you to add protein powders directly into the Blender Bottle without the use of awkward funnels. Simply add your EnergyFirst ProEnergy shake mix to the bottle, fill in up with water, close the lid and shake the bottle - it about 30 seconds, you'll have a ready to drink meal replacement beverage!

The wide, flip-top spout can be used to add water or other fluids to your shake mix, and since it provides a tight seal, you can even transport your shake in the bottle without worrying about leaks. With the EnergyFirst Blender Bottle, there's no need to pack extra containers or cups - simply flip open the spout and drink your shake straight from the shake mixer. The Blender Bottle has been specially designed for use with EnergyFirst protein shakes, so you know it's a high-quality product.

What's the real secret behind our EnergyFirst Blender Bottle? It's the Blender Ball, a unique, patented egg-shaped ball that literally attacks the shake mix with it's integrated springs, breaking apart any annoying lumps in the shake mix. Made out of surgical-grade electropolished stainless steel, the removable Blender Ball will never rust and it's dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Using the patented Blender Ball technology, you can mix up smooth, satisfying thick shakes whenever you want, wherever you want. While other drink containers and shake bottles may look similar to the EnergyFirst Blender Bottle, without the patented power of the Blender Ball, you run the risk of mixing up a lumpy shake - not very appealing, is it?

Here at EnergyFirst, we only sell high-quality natural products - that's why we insisted that our Blender Bottle be free from BPAs (Bisphenol A), the estrogen-mimicking chemical compound often found in plastic products like reusable water bottles and beverage containers. BPAs have been tentatively linked to a host of health problems ranging from obesity to breast and prostate cancer, and while researchers can't yet agree on how hazardous BPAs might be, we refuse to sell any product that might pose a risk to your health.

Cleaning the Blender Bottle is simple - just detach the lid, remove the Blender Ball and place all the pieces on the top rack of your dishwasher (of course, you can always wash it by hand!).

The Blender Bottle isn't just for protein shakes - many of our customers use their shaker bottle to mix up their EnergyFirst Greenergy as well, making the Blender Bottle an essential, affordable tool for your overall health and wellness.

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