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Heart of Autumn

Dear ,

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month again. It's safe to say many people are aware of breast cancer. After all, it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in the U.S. Also, it is a leading cause of death. However, many people are not aware of what steps they can take to detect it in its early stages or to prevent it. That is why we want to make Breast Cancer Awareness month known. Learn more about the fight against breast cancer here.

We're in the heart of autumn. It's time to take out those fall harvest recipes. In the meantime, let's take a moment to examine your spice rack. If it looks like most spice racks, it might have near-empty salt and pepper shakers crowded by unopened bottles of colorful spices many are too reluctant to try. How many different spices do you regularly use? Could it be time to revamp your spice cabinet (and cooking habits)? Consider the health benefits of 5 powerful and funny-looking spices you should start getting comfortable with here.

A question I've been getting a lot lately has to do with the safety of smoked fish. It sounds like a tempting choice to many who are familiar with the health benefits of marine sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Learn what research has to say about this topic here.

There's something enchanting about the autumnal season. The earthy smell of crackling leaves, the crisp air, and the vivid colors of the bountiful harvest. I wish you an enjoyable October.

Best Health,
Gerry Morton, MS
President & CEO, EnergyFirst


In the Fight Against Breast Cancer, Diet IS Important

The question about prevention that always comes up is "can breast cancer really be prevented?" There is no straightforward answer to that question. However, if by "prevention" you understand "lowering your risk" then, yes, breast cancer can be prevented.
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5 Ingredients Your Kitchen (& Cooking) Shouldn't Do Without

Clove: It Deserves Your Attention. Native to Indonesia, clove is the dried flower bud of the tropical Eugenia caryophyllata tree. The active disease-fighting compounds found in cloves are tannins, terpenoids, eugenol, and acetyleugenol.
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To Smoke or not to Smoke (Fish)

There's a filet of salmon sitting in front of you, beaming with health benefits such as its rich omega-3 content. However, it wasn't baked, nor broiled. It was smoked. Should you eat it? It turns out this is a risky way to consume them. Why?
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