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Healthy Morning

“If I had my way, I’d make health catching instead of disease.” Robert Ingersoll

Good Morning !

This quote reminds us of our growing EnergyFirst community. In a sense, wellness–conscious people like you really can make health “catching” to others through the examples you set every day. For instance, when co–workers reaching for donuts see you savoring your morning whey protein shake instead, they may ask about it–especially when you seem to be energized throughout the morning. Setting an inspiring example is often the best education you can offer.

Speaking of inspiration, March is National Nutrition Month�, a nutrition education/information campaign targeting the importance of informed food choices and regular exercise. An important associated topic is the question of fats. Why are some not only good for you, but actually essential for optimal health? Update your knowledge with this short read: Omega–3 EFAs–What You Need to Know

Are you eating green? Prepare to be impressed as you learn more here about a superfood so extraordinary, astronauts took it to the moon with them.

March 3rd through 7th is National School Breakfast Week. Embarking on the day with a healthy, protein-rich breakfast is crucial for growing bodies and minds. A study in the journal Pediatrics found that a low glycemic index (GI) breakfast helped satisfy kids so they didn’t overeat at lunch. These findings add to a growing body of evidence that low GI foods–as opposed to sugary high GI choices–can play an important role in weight control and obesity management.¹

What could be easier than a nourishing, energizing, low GI whey protein shake or whey protein bar to help ensure a healthy, productive morning for your children? If you’re unfamiliar with the glycemic index–a ranking of foods based on how they impact your blood sugar–learn more here.

On a final nutrition note, have you had your probiotics today? These friendly bacteria are dramatically under consumed by most Americans, but offer powerful wellness benefits to people of all ages. Learn more about the importance of these health allies by briefly perusing: Probiotics and Your Health.

With that, here’s to a joyful, healthy and vibrant March!
Gerry Morton

¹Pediatrics. 2003 Nov;112(5):e414


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