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Did you take your ALA, DHA, and EPA's today? If you took your omega-3 fish oils for the day, you've got nothing to worry about. Like the different essential B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids make a family of 3 different types of fatty acids-- ALA, DHA, and EPA. Although part of the same family, these essential fatty acids play various roles in the body. The endless variety of omega-3 supplements on the market is partly due to different sources and different proportions of these three fatty acids.

We take pride in our premium omega products, including our OmegaEnergy fish oil capsules and our omega oil blend or omega mix blend, with the perfect ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats. Free of heavy metal contaminants, they provide the ideal ratio of each bioactive ingredient.

However, to be a well-informed consumer, it's worth it to be familiar with the omega-3 family tree so that you can choose a high-quality supplement. Learn about the mega health benefits of the three o-3's in our September issue.

Wishing you Mega Health,
Gerry Morton, MS
President & CEO, EnergyFirst


The Fats of Life-ALA

Meet the simplest omega-3 fatty acid of them all--ALA. It forms a carbon chain of only 18 carbons. Our bodies cannot make it from scratch. Since our bodies lack the enzymes necessary to produce ALA, it is "essential" to obtain it from our diets.
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The Fats of Life-DHA

DHA. It's the most complex o'3 of them all. DHA has the most carbon atoms in its chain, namely 22, and 6 double bonds. It is also the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid found in tissues, especially the brain and retina.
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The Fats of Life-EPA

Why the hype over EPA? It dramatically differs from ALA in several ways, including structure and role in health of multiple body systems. EPA has a 20-carbon chain and five double bonds.
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