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The Beatles and Bon Jovi

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What can Beethoven, The Beatles, and Bon Jovi do for your health? Find out in a presentation of all the exciting research of the link between music and your health.

More and more couples are having trouble getting pregnant. What effect does nutrition have on one's chances of becoming a parent? Learn about a natural fertility-friendly diet here.

A Roman poet, Virgil, once wrote "The greatest wealth is health." Let's face it: we all can find something in our lifestyle habits we can improve for better health. Why is it worth considering making more lifestyle changes? Discover some surprising reasons why it's worth the effort in the article Lifestyle Changes--Is It Worth It?

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Gerry Morton, MS
President & CEO, EnergyFirst


Health benefits of music

The use of music as a form of medical care is nothing new. The mind-to-body connection of music has roots that go as far back as ancient Greek civilization.
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Improve Fertility Through Diet

Healthy eating can increase the chances of pregnancy because your diet affects your hormones. A healthy diet can improve ovulatory infertility that is unrelated to physical problems with the reproductive system.
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Lifestyle Changes

The benefits of quitting smoking far outweigh the chance of early weight gain. Researchers at the Harvard Institute of Public Health found that if a woman stops smoking immediately, her risk of heart disease from smoking can drop from day one.
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