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AGE awareness Day

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On the 21st of last month, the second annual AGE awareness Day was observed the world over in order to bring attention to a serious health issue. Modern diets, especially this time of year, are particularly high in AGEs. Read on to find out what they are and how to avoid them.

The sunny season is here. You're excited to find any and every reason or excuse to go outdoors. Meanwhile, the dangers of sun exposure are lurking in the back of your mind. Aside from sunscreen and protective clothing, what else can you do to take the worry out of soaking up the sun? Find out about one antioxidant you'll need this summer here.

Modifying a risk factor for disease is easier said than done. Smoking, for example, is a risk factor many people have attempted to modify. Many hesitate to quit smoking because of the possible weight gain that may occur. Other physical and mental withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, frustration, irritability, and increased appetite. Should that discourage your efforts to quit? Learn about how you can quit smoking this summer the healthy, safe, and natural way here.

Here's to Summertime Health,
Gerry Morton, MS
President & CEO, EnergyFirst


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