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Welcome! Warm Summer

Dear friends,

It's the moment we've all been waiting for--the month of the Summer Solstice. We're just weeks away from the first day of summer, a day that will be especially appreciated after a brutal winter. It's time to plan those picnics, barbecues, road trips, festivals, and the list goes on.

From shopping to cooking food, this newsletter has you covered. Farmer's markets are brimming with fresh, new seasonal produce. Once you've got your fresh veggies, learn about one practical, well-tested tip to remember here. It will help you pack the most nutrition into any dish you make with them.

If your kids are on summer break or you're taking time off work to hit the road, you'll surely come across the disappointing options many travel stops have to offer. Here are some easy ways to travel healthy.

Although the weather is changing for the better, it's important to note the overall climate is changing for the worse. Around the globe, carbon dioxide levels have been rising at a rate that has been accelerating decade by decade. While global warming has been getting all the media attention, there is another consequence of rising CO2 levels worth noting because it can directly affect our health. Learn more about it here.

Happy Summer,
Gerry Morton, MS
President & CEO, EnergyFirst


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