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Welcome 2014!

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Grab your brand new calendar. It’s 2014! It’s time to put together a fresh set of goals. Maybe you’re planning to shed some extra pounds, get more organized, learn a new language, or spend more quality time with the family.

The truth is we could all use some goals under the “Health” category. A goal can even include maintenance of a goal you’ve successfully achieved in the past. We want to support your efforts. In fact, we are honored to be your source of nutrition tips and products, health information, and fitness advice.

Many want to be proactive about disease prevention. However, some things that affect our health are difficult to control—like the toxins in the air we breathe. Our first article highlights the latest reports on the quality of our environment’s air and how we can take control of the situation.

What do you envision? Perhaps you envision a strong, lean body beaming with energy and life. Or maybe a powerful disease-fighting immune system? Here are two important characteristics we all need in order to achieve any of our health and wellness goals this year and for years to come.

Optimum mental and emotional health is just as important to your longevity and wellness as any other physical health goal. Learn about the Mind-Body Connection and four ways to improve your emotional vitality in the final article of this January 2014 edition.

Everyone at EnergyFirst, including myself, is looking forward to hearing more success stories about how your health resolutions are being met.

Best Health,,
Gerry Morton, MS
President & CEO, EnergyFirst


Is Cancer in the Air?

Many say nothing comes for free. Unfortunately, there’s one “free” thing you can easily obtain in large quantities though you may not necessarily want it: free radicals.
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Two Ingredients for a Successful Goal: Commitment and Confidence

As long as EnergyFirst has existed, we have strived (and will continue to strive) to share reliable, up-to-date, relevant health information. This information helps keep you motivated to make health and disease prevention a priority and goal in life.
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The Mind-Body Connection

Although it has been recognized for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, the connection between mind and body has only recently been bridged in modern medicine.
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