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November is American Diabetes Month!

Coldness of December!

Dear ,

It's winter! December is here and so begins the countdown to the holidays.

Although the holiday spirits are high, some spirits are low. The hours of sunshine are narrowed. Nights are prolonged. Temperatures plummet. The harsher conditions of winter can bring an extreme case of "winter blues". Learn more about the dark, gloomy feelings of depression and cluster of symptoms that are classified as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the fitting abbreviation SAD.

Want to chase the cold away? Though the weather outside can get frightful, an even more frightening experience is dealing with heartburn. It can really put a damper on time spent with family. Learn the cold hard facts about heartburn, its triggers and how to prevent it: How to Hinder Holiday Heartburn

You've winterized your house and your car. But have you winterized your diet? Stock up on seasonal produce, as hard as it may be in the "dead of winter", and learn how to keep your hearty soups nutritious. Read helpful tips about making healthy and satisfying soups this winter: The Dish on Soup.

Make it a great month!

Yours in great health,
Gerry Morton, MS
President & CEO, EnergyFirst


SAD: A Day Without Sunshine Is Like...

SAD is a mild form of depression that presents itself primarily in the winter months as anxiety, decreased activity, irritability, and more sleeping than usual.
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Hinder Holiday Heartburn

You're in the heat of the holiday season. The often inevitable stress of planning, preparing, and gathering friends and family to the dinner table hits you.
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The Dish on Soup

Soup is a cook's most versatile dish. It stores well. Some leftovers even freeze well. It serves well hot or cold.
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