Welcome Fall! This season stay healthy and active!

Dear ${customer.firstName},

Happy Fall to each and every one of you!

We love our customers here at EnergyFirst and are grateful for the commitment each of you has made to living your best life with our EnergyFirst products and lifestyle.

For our loyal newsletter customers, we’d like to offer a 15% discount this month using promo code: ENERGY15. Try our world class EnergyFirst ProEnergy protein powders, our organic green superfood Greenergy (that goes perfectly with any flavor of protein powder), and the best pre-workout anywhere: Prefuel (which I use just about every day). Our bars are perennial customer favorites both for the taste and the nutritionals with 23g of protein, less than 4g of sugar, 9g of fiber, and of course no gluten nor anything artificial whatsoever (as with all of our EnergyFirst products).

I want to start out by sharing a friendly reminder: your diet does not have to be perfect to make progress. It simply needs to be better than it was before. One of our articles this month speaks to the perfectionist in each of us that may be causing some weight struggles. Give a read to Black & White Eating & Weight Struggles.

I've also shared some insightful, thought-provoking Research for parents or parents-to-be about how they can make a huge, positive impact on their child's future health. Also learn How to get your child on the right track for a healthy future.

Make each day your masterpiece!

In great health,

Gerry Morton
President and CEO

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