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This Valentine's day make a Date with your heart! Be Healthy and Be Active with EnergyFirst!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you plan to celebrate on your own, with someone special or your family, here's some tips that you & your loved ones can use all year long.

Remember, February is the American Heart Month so there's no better gift for those you love than to help them ensure a healthy heart.

That's why this month we challenge you to make small changes towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Did you know that adding exercise to your routine can drastically increase your health? Learn about how regular exercise is the best way to regain your cardiovascular health.

Also, if you’re planning a special meal for your loved one, here’s 3 tips to cook healthy. They are easy and simple!

Finally, learn about the Three S’s to Heart Health. Just a little bit of sun, siesta and supplements can make a difference in your heart health.

Be heart-healthy,

Gerry Morton
President and CEO

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