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May 9, 2007 : Volume 26

EnergyFirst Edge Article!

Hi , Welcome to this month's edition of the EnergyFirst Edge! This edition contains some excellent information on fruits, vegetables, weight training, calcium, and prenatal nutrition. I hope that Jason Lester's incredible journey inspires you as it did me. Yours in great health, Gerry Morton

"In the first week of taking EnergyFirst products my mindset did a complete 180. I no longer had the negative thoughts I always had from experiencing the highs and lows that come with being addicted to artificial stimulants. Within 2 weeks I made up my mind up to train and compete in a marathon." - Jason L.

Eat a Colorful Variety of Fruits and Vegetables
Why are colorful fruit and vegetables important to our health? It turns out that a lot of the phytonutrients that are good for us also produce bright colors in vegetables and fruits.
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Weight Training: Important Foods and Supplements

What foods are important for weight training? In a word, protein. Protein is the building block of muscle.
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Calcium: It's not just about bones

Yes, calcium is important to building powerful, strong bones. However, it's not just about bones. Calcium confers other key benefits.
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Optimize Your Prenatal Nutrition

If you're pregnant, congratulations! Like most mothers-to-be, you're probably concerned about your nutrition so that your baby has the very best start in life.
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Healthy Lifestyle Basics from EnergyFirst:
  • NEW Omega Fish Oil
    Achieve optimal cardiovascular health,
    brain function, visual acuity,
    and growth and development.

  • Greenergy
    5 Servings of Vegetables in Every Scoop.

  • Natural Whey Protein
    This protein powder is perfect fuel for
    building lean, strong muscle.

  • Omega Mix Blend
    Essential to maintain optimal energy
    levels and promote brain, joint, vascular,
    and heart health.