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Aug 8, 2007 : Volume 28

Amazing Article

"I find inspiration in many different ways. This guy swam 1 mile down the hudson w/ no legs, no arm, and a 1/2 arm. Then he biked w/ a hand cycle custom made for him and he road a skateboard 6 miles through central park ( yes up those hills ). "

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10 Ways to Stay Commited to Workouts
Have you�ve fallen out of the workout habit? You are not alone. In fact, during the month of January, 90% of people who make a New Year�s Resolution to get fit drop out of the program before February 1st rolls around.
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Entire Town goes on a diet

Somerville, a Boston suburb of 77,500 people, went on a diet, en masse to stave off the increasing problem of childhood obesity.
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One week to Better Fitting Clothes

Are you frustrated because your pants, shorts or skirts keep getting tighter and tighter? A common complaint in American these days is pants that seem to be shrinking. Newsflash�it�s not the pants that are cause for concern�but you knew that.
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HIIT Back and Burn Fat

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the new way to burn off stubborn body fat. It is especially appealing to time-conscious folks who don�t want to spend hours and hours pounding the roads or trails.
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