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EnergyFirst Edge! March 2005

- Welcome to the March 2005 edition of The EnergyFirst Edge! This is the fourth month we have been sending out our educational e-newsletter, and we want to know how we're doing! Has the newsletter content been of interest or helpful to you? Are there any particular health topics you would like to see? Remember, this is developed for YOU to help YOU achieve your personal health and fitness goals, and to help you thrive rather than simply survive. So please drop us a line and let us know how we are doing...

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Spring-time is upon us and winter is slowly starting to melt away. Spring symbolizes renewed life and energy, as we see plants starting to flower, animals coming out of hibernation, and new life flourishing all around us. This month, let's renew our commitment to attaining ultimate health and energy-physical, mental, and emotional. If you have "fallen off the wagon" over the cold months of winter, or simply want to take your health and energy to the next level, let's together re-establish our EnergyFirst healthy rituals, starting today!

We hope you enjoy reading this month's EnergyFirst Edge hot topics:

Healing and Preventing Diabetes with Nutrition
Low Carb Shake Recipes
Top 10 Healthy Shopping Hints
Benefits of Fasting
Caveman Diet for Optimal Health
The Healing Power of Gratitude
Dinner Recipe: Moroccan Grilled Chicken
Dessert Recipe: Apple Almond Souffle

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We also love to receive your success stories and testimonials. You will see featured on my blog site the amazing success that Shona has attained on the EnergyFirst program. She was initially very hesitant to write her story and share it with the world, but she realizes now how doing so has helped inspire and motivate so many others to take action towards a healthier, high energy lifestyle. Shona's story shows us that living with perfect energy and health IS POSSIBLE AND IS WORTH IT-no matter where you are right now. We invite you to share your story with us (including photos!), and if you do, we will send you a FREE EnergyFirst 1 Month Program Package.