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February 7, 2005 : Volume 03

What Your Mouth Speaks About Your Health!

Did you know that your mouth reveals whether you are "over-carbing," and indicates risk of certain disease states?
Here's how: All carbohydrates (refined or complex) break down into glucose or blood sugar. If you "over-carb," i.e. eat refined carbohydrates, or simply too many carbohydrates for your body, there is a wild rush of glucose into your blood steam or a "blood sugar spike." Your body uses some of this glucose for energy, and stores some of it as fat in your fat cells. Glucose can be metabolized aerobically (meaning with oxygen) or anaerobically (without oxygen). When there is an overabundance of glucose in your blood stream, your biochemistry dictates that most of it is burned anaerobically. The byproduct of the anaerobic energy system is lactic acid, which is produced in every one of your trillions of cells. This causes your body and your mouth to become very acidic, technically known as acidosis. Read Article Here
So how does this impact on your health?
Where does the calcium come from?
How do you know when you are in an acidic state?
The moral of this story
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Are You Overtraining?

I used to believe that more was better when it came to exercise. I wouldn't stop until I was red in the face and puffing and panting. Over time, through research and trial and error, I began to realize that this wasn't the way to a lean, high energy, healthy body. Although the initial shock to my system of intense exercise resulted in weight loss, after a few months my body fat percentage started to creep up again, and I became fatigued. My nutrition was perfect, so I had to look to the way I was exercising. When I started doing some research into this, what I found was that over-exercising or overtraining is very counterproductive. Read Article Here

Drink Up!

A few years ago, I read a very enlightening book called "Your Body's Many Cries for Water," by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. I had always known that drinking water was important, but after reading this book and reviewing the research behind it, I was astounded at how many disease states are linked with dehydration. As a result, I became even more adamant about drinking water consistently throughout the day. Read Article Here


Splenda a.k.a. Sucralose - Is it really a diabetic's best friend?
Often I am asked about the safety of Sucralose. Sucrlose, brand name Splenda™ is marketed as the "diabetics best friend," because it is "natural" (made from sugar) and 600 times sweeter than sugar, having no impact on blood sugar. That is the marketer's pitch. Now, here are the facts: Splenda™, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1988 as a tabletop sweetener and sweetener for an array of other products, is a chlorocarbon. Chlorocarbons are known to cause organ, genetic, and reproductive damage, which may explain why Splenda has been found to shrink the thymus gland-a foundation of the immune system-by 40 percent. In effect, eating Sucralose is like ingesting tiny amounts of chlorinated pesticides. Read Article Here

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This new website will include regularly posted entries covering the latest research in health and nutrition, inspirational stories and messages, healthy hints, recipes, meal plans, stories from my meetings across the country, seminar notices, etc.! You can post comments if you like. Visit the website now, click here.

Food For Thought

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Ask the Experts
You stated while you were here at National Gypsum that heat and light transform the chemical structure of EFA's in nuts from a beneficial "cis" chemical structure to a hazardous "trans" chemical structure.

Two Questions:
1) Does this transformation affect all the EFA's in the roasted nut or merely a small % of the EFA's?

2) If heating nuts renders their EFA's toxic, does not heating of salmon and other fish render their beneficial EFA's toxic as well? If so, how do you eat these fish while minimizing this toxic conversion?

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Healthy Snacking Tips

For you and the kids!
Do you ever get caught in a situation where you are out running errands with the kids, or so engrossed in work that you skip meals and end up ravenously hungry, usually for sugar or other junk food? To avoid the blood sugar blues and the cravings, fatigue, and mental sluggishness that results, it is important to be "proactive!" Always have healthy snacks available for you and your children!

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