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JANUARY / 2014

Jump start your healthy lifestyle with our all natural balance program featuring the natural whey protein powder

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Happy New Year! Do you want to welcome 2014 with enthusiasm, optimism, and joyfulness? We sure do.
Did you make any new year's resolutions? There's no limit to what aspect of life you can set a goal in—from physical health and fitness to your family life, social life or work performance. Are you following up on a long-term goal you set previously or creating new short-term goals? Whether they are simple goals, like eating more dark leafy greens in your diet, or broad goals, like improving your heart health, we want to support your commitment to healthy living!
All goals start at the mind. Thanks to our magnificent brain we are able to think about, plan, and do the things we do. But how can we protect our brain health from declining, especially as we age? Read more about this in our Physical Activity Improves Quality of Life.
We are looking forward to another year of supplying you with reliable, practical information and health products you can depend on for improving your health. We want to express our gratitude for making us a part of your everyday nutrition life. Have a great 2014!
The simple act of laughing at a thought, feeling an emotion, the process of decision-making, or the mystery of a dream all have one thing common: they are all rooted in the brain.
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Physical Activity Improves Quality of Life

The list of benefits that regular exercise brings is ever-growing. Most of us tend to focus on the “here and now”—the short-term benefits of exercise—such as weight control, a better mood, reduced stress, more self-confidence, an energy boost, and a well-defined, toned body shape.
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