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August already? That’s ok–the sun’s still out. While many people enjoy winter events, it’s hard to beat the allure of a warm, golden summer. Isn’t that why people go to such lengths to vacation in the tropics? Since this is arguably the most fleeting of seasons, it certainly makes sense to maximize it.

If you’ve not been able to play full out, there’s still time to grab your bikini, shorts, surf board, sailboat, golf clubs, tennis racquet, or running shoes–whatever you love. The more healthy physical activity, the better–although you may need more of this important wellness component.

Please note, our aim with all this health and fitness information is not only to emphasize looking great. It’s also about feeling on top of your game and taking that positive energy out into the world so you can live the life you imagine.

Whatever your activity level, it’s important to protect your joints and ligaments. Learn more here about Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM–and how this powerful trio can benefit you over time.

Voilà! Until we connect again, best wishes for a happy, healthy summer’s end...

Kiki Powers, MS, CNC


Exercise and Antioxidants: What’s the Connection?

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Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM–In a Nutshell

By now, chances are you’ve heard of this powerful trio, which has been shown to help promote healthy muscles, joints and ligaments. Did you ever wonder how they work and when they might benefit you?

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