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APRIL / 2014

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Explore, Exercise, and Enjoy Life!


Are you as glad as we are that spring is here? This season opens up a whole new door of fresh opportunities to go outdoors and explore, exercise, and enjoy life.
With April being National Cancer Control Month, we want to take the opportunity to remember the ones we’ve lost and to rejoice with the ones who have survived this difficult disease. Research in the field of cancer is ever-growing and we want to share important findings that have recently been made. Find out here: Exercise- Kick Cancer to the Curb
Did you know that each day your immune system will spot and destroy cells that have the potential of becoming cancerous? A new study reports these findings in the journal Nature Medicine. What are some simple ways to boost your immune system each day? We’ve included some healthy reminders in the article: Step-Up Your Immune System Every Day
It is a pleasure to work side-by-side with our clients and friends who appreciate and strive to live a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to more opportunities to share important, vital, and useful information with you in the future.
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7 Natural Laws Team
It is safe to say the benefits of physical activity can never be overestimated. A special population of recent interest to researchers is cancer survivors. After they’ve successfully conquered this difficult disease, what can help them remain undefeated? Consider how exercise impacts cancer treatment, prevention and longevity.
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Step-Up Your Immune System Every Day

Every day you have a new opportunity to strengthen your immune system. After all, your immune system cannot run on an empty stomach. It needs nutrients and support as supplied by your diet. A poor diet will only expose the immune system to more toxins. On the other hand, a nutrient-rich diet can boost and strengthen your immune system.
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