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Bolster Your Heart Health – 9 Ways to De-Stress
Enjoy Something Every Day That's Just for You

Once you have your body and heart happy and running smoothly with your daily EnergyFirst OmegaEnergy Fish Oil capsule Gone Fishing! Give Your Heart A Break Today: Omega 3 Fish Oil Makes A Splash For Healthy Hearts”, it's time to look at some easy, fun ways to give your mind and spirit a daily lift..

(1) Sweat it out.

Do something physical.  Ideally, this would be something that you enjoy, like taking a yoga class, going for a run at the beach, playing on a sports team, hitting balls on the tennis court or in a batting cage with a friend, or going for a morning hike.  But if you're strapped for time, go for the quick fix, like get down and do 20 push ups and 20 sit ups, put on your favorite song and dance around, or jump on a trampoline for ten minutes.

(2) Call a friend.

Having someone to call in the middle of the day and getting everything out of your head can diminish worries and help problem solving.  More importantly, it gives you the chance to laugh and connect about the good stuff too.

(3) Express yourself.

Making yourself heard and having a voice is huge on the de-stress list.  Sharing your opinion about something, anything, once a day can be energizing.  Putting pen to paper is another great way to get it out, and you might surprise yourself with what you're really thinking.  Just sit down.  Take ten deep breaths and write whatever comes to mind.  Don't sensor.  If you write about a specific issue, you might even get a fantastic solution that you never thought of before.

(4) Do a good deed.

Being of service, even in the smallest sense, like smiling at someone in the street or waving to the driver that let you in, always makes you feel good. Even though you're doing something for someone else, it's you who benefits, sometimes even more than the other person.  Funny how that works. But it's an awesome little trick. As Lennon and McCartney wrote: “the love you get is equal to the love you give.”

(5) Make a thank you list. 

Sit down and write five things about your life that make you happy -- whether it be big picture things, like your family, friends, health, or job, or little picture things like your comfy new running shoes or the fact that there was no traffic that day.  Focusing on the positive can put you in the positive fast track, bringing more positives to you and instantly turning your day around.

(6) Play. 

Even though we're all grown up, having daily playtime is still important.  Do a puzzle. Play monopoly.  Join a book club.  Read a magazine.  Paint a picture.  Play a song on that instrument you played in junior high.  Build a model airplane.  Skip to the park and have a swing.  Watch your favorite movie.  Go ahead, do something you like!

(7) Breathe deeply.

Clearing your mind and sitting quietly works wonders on all levels.  This isn't always as easy as it sounds, but you can start by finding a quiet place, closing your eyes and picking one action to do for five minutes.  For example, you could take deep breaths and focus on the air going in and out.  Or you could imagine walking 100 steps and arriving in a beautiful place and just kicking back there.  Or you could revisit a happy moment on a great vacation.  Set the timer so you're not looking at the clock every two seconds.

(8) Laugh.

Whatever makes you laugh -- a friend, a movie, a book, a stand up comedy act, Laurel and Hardy -- make a plan to get there.

(9) Go outside.

Nature is a miracle and a miracle worker on easing tension.  Even five minutes outside can have a positive effect.  Try breaking up your day every couple of hours with a five-minute walk around the block.  Get lunch to-go and eat in the park.  Drive the side streets or scenic route instead of the highway.

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Our Story

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