Grateful that you choose EnergyFirst.

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This is the time of year that we reflect on all the things for which we are most grateful. We, at EnergyFirst, want you to know that you top our list!

We are grateful for your interest in living a healthy and energized life. We are grateful for your business. We are grateful that you choose EnergyFirst.

Thank you!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sure did! I followed the tips we offered in last month's newsletter and started off the day with some physical activity with my family – we ran a turkey trot fun run. I moderated my eating with an EnergyFirst shake early in the day. Then, I enjoyed a wonderful family meal!

This month, we offer you another great tool and excerpt from my Energy Guidebook. "a fist, a thumb and a fist"... this is what I teach in my seminars, talks and in my book. Check out the EnergyFirst Nutritional Fundamentals to learn why all meals should consist of "a fist, a thumb and fist."

We have also included a link to a recording from a recent radio show for which I was the featured guest. I encourage you to listen to the show – we talk about the benefits of whey protein for weight loss as well as some of the other benefits of whey protein for people of all ages.

Yours in great health,
Gerry Morton


"I highly recommend these products, once you try them your search will be over."

"Hi my name is Terry, and I have to tell what a great success I have had with EnergyFirst omega oil in regards to eczema. I understand that it has anti-inflammatory properties. I have been using the EnergyFirst oil in a protein shake daily for at least 5-6 months. I am also lactose intolerant, and I have had great success with EnergyFirst whey isolate protein shake in chocolate and vanilla. I mix in frozen fruit, and milk and it is delicious, with no GI upset whatsoever, it is a meal replacement, I feel very satisfied. I highly recommend these products, once you try them your search will be over.”
Sincerely, Terry H.


EnergyFirst Nutrition Fundamentals:

Easy to Follow Guidelines for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating

The following nutrition fundamentals are easy to follow guidelines to balanced eating for optimal energy, fat burning, and health.

• Eat proactively.
• Keep your house "clean".
• Eat 1 serving of lean protein every meal.
• Eat 1 serving of good fats at least 3 times a day.
• Avoid processed carbohydrates and eat unprocessed
• Combine carbohydrates with lean protein and/or good fats.
• Meals should be "a fist, a thumb and a fist".

Eat proactively
• Eat at least every 4 hours, 4 to 6 small meals/snacks a day.
• Remember, if you are hungry your blood sugar is low, i.e. you
 are hypoglycemic, your brain is starving for fuel and you will
 crave sugar and make poor food decisions.
• Never skip meals.
• Always eat breakfast (e.g. an EnergyFirst Shake).
• Eating regularly raises your metabolism and increases fat

Keep your house "clean"
• If you are going to have a "cheat meal," do so outside of your
• Keep your house clean of "off program" foods.
• This will help you stay "on program" most of the time.

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  Shake Recipe
  of the Month






Rhubarb Magic

2 scoops of ProEnergy Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
1 1/2 cups of pure water or skim milk
1/4-1/2 cup frozen chopped rhubarb
1/4-1/2 frozen
Optional: 1 tablespoon Greenergy
Add ice for extra thickness.

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Healthy Brain
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Balanced Mood
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Healthy Lifestyle Basics

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