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Wheatgrass packs a powerful punch to detoxify

What if you could distill all the vitamin-rich, power-packed goodness of two pounds of green vegetables down to one little ounce of juice? Would you swig it down?

Wheatgrass is thought to pack just that kind of a punch, and people all over the world are flocking to juice bars to slug down an ounce or two of healthful, detoxifying wheatgrass juice.

Others are growing their own wheatgrass and juicing it in a special juicer.

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Wheatgrass’s rise to vitamin superstar fame started in the early 1900’s, when Edmund Bordeaux Szekely claimed to have translated an ancient manuscript found in the Vatican's secret archives which presented a certain way of eating by a people called the Essenes.

The Essenes were people who lived in a Judaistic way from roughly the 2nd century B.C. until the 1 st century A.D.

Szekely claimed that the manuscript said that wheatgrass is a good food for man. This led him to form a special society and write many books on the subject.

Wheatgrass fans claim that regular drinking of wheatgrass juice can:

  • Improve the digestive system
  • Prevent cancer
  • Prevent diabetes and heart disease
  • Cure constipation
  • Detoxify heavy metals from the bloodstream
  • Cleanse the liver
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Help to make menopause more manageable
  • Nourish the blood and detoxify poisons
  • Rebuild the bloodstream
  • Boost energy and immunity
  • Play a role in keeping teeth and bones strong
  • Melt excess fat in your system
  • Help treat acne
  • Keep your hair from going grey

However, it should be noted that there is no scientific evidence to support many of these claims, although there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence in favor of wheatgrass juice. Even the claim that one ounce is equal to two pounds of fresh vegetables has been questioned.

However, there are millions of people who swear by the health benefits they receive from wheatgrass juice, and it certainly couldn’t hurt to swig down an ounce or two.

EnergyFirst’s Greenergy is loaded with wheat grass juice extract, so know that you’re getting all of these benefits just by staying on the EnergyFirst Program.

Gerry Morton, CEO of EnergyFirst, has these suggestions for getting started with wheatgrass juice:

  • Have a glass of water or juice in hand to chase the wheatgrass juice with, since the taste is rather strong and some consider it harsh
  • Make sure your wheatgrass was grown hydroponically, since there is a small risk of bacterial infection from soil-grown wheatgrass
  • Be aware that drinking too much wheatgrass juice can cause nausea and diarrhea.
  • Use wheatgrass juice after a race, hard workout, or after a night of over-indulging in alcohol or too much food.
  • Use EnergyFirst Greenergy for a quick and easier way to get all the benefits of wheatgrass!

Our Story

Our Story

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