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Prevent prostate problems with saw palmetto & nettle root extract

It’s well-established that men over the age of 40 can suffer from frequent urination due to an enlarged prostate that exerts pressure on the urethra. In fact, 50% of all men over 60 suffer from an enlarged prostate.

Saw Palmetto:
Benefits the prostate
and the urinary tract.

The pressure that an enlarged prostate exerts causes frequent and intense needs to urinate, often in the middle of the night.

Enlarged prostates are also associated with stop-and-start urination and a persistent frustrating feeling that you still need to empty your bladder even after you’ve gone.

Treatment usually involves prescription drugs such as Flomax or Proscar, but the best treatment—and prevention—involves taking natural saw palmetto and nettle root extract.

Researchers don’t completely understand exactly how saw palmetto works but its oily compounds (fatty acids and sterols) are thought to have various hormonal and anti-inflammatory effects…and that reduces the prostate.

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Some medical professionals theorize that saw palmetto may help block conversion of testosterone to another form (DHT), which stimulates prostate cells. It may also directly inhibit cell growth and promote death of excess cells in the inner lining of the prostate gland.

The research on saw palmetto is looking good and holds promise for prostate problem sufferers.

Although many studies have been small, short, or not well controlled, and some have shown no benefit, saw palmetto is still well regarded in several prominent reviews.

One review by the independent Cochrane Collaboration looked at 21 trials and concluded that saw palmetto improves urinary symptoms as well as drugs to, but with fewer side effects, such as reduced sexual functioning. Saw palmetto may also be as effective as some alpha blockers.

So what about nettle root? Well, some newly published studies are showing that men over fifty should add nettle root extract to saw palmetto extract for prevention purposes.

Nettle root is required to inhibit the proliferation of prostate cells in response to estrogen and sex hormone binding globulin.

Gerry Morton, CEO of EnergyFirst, recommends a daily supplementation routine that includes saw palmetto and nettle root to stave off prostate enlargement that leads to urinary problems.

Our Story

Our Story

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