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Doesn’t summer seem to pass by in a flash? Well, if you made your health and fitness a priority during those long, sunny days, we hope you plan to continue those efforts moving into fall. The ideal scenario is to maintain a stable, appropriate weight year round–rather than continually losing and regaining the same pounds. Why? Learn more about the dangers of “yo-yo dieting” here.

Many people find that once they lock in their ideal body weight, they have so much liberated energy that they can finally take that trip, learn that new sport, or obtain that long–deferred Master’s degree. That sure beats daily struggles around overeating, weight gain/loss, and “fat” vs. “thin” clothes, no? If you’re not where you want to be now, prepare for a brave new world! Like many great endeavors, freedom from “diets” starts in your mind–beginning with these 3 keys.

If you want to lose fat, tone up, or simply optimize your health, the best advice we can offer is to acquire some anchors: healthy, consistent daily habits that stabilize you–for good. Your morning whey protein shake with Greenergy is a great example. This incomparable food source provides a powerful, stabilizing foundation that not only promotes wellness and a trim physique, but physical and emotional resilience too.

The right anchors not only boost your health, they also help prevent terrible diseases like cancer, which comes to mind as September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Can you prevent this silent killer? See what you think after reading this brief article.

While we’re offering much to think about, doing so can better prepare you for a happy, healthy fall.

Here’s to you!
Gerry Morton


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