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Radiant health and a sleek

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” Dale Carnegie

Dear ,

August already? Never fear, this sun-drenched season is still in full swing. Are you living the summer dream? For many people, these golden months bring a special reward for the healthy choices they make all year round. That means having plenty of natural energy on tap for active summer fun, family play, sports, games, and other outdoor adventures. It also means feeling great in your swim suit, shorts, and tennis skirt. That kind of body confidence is incredibly liberating. Do you have it?

Our quote this month fits for wellness too. Radiant health and a sleek, fit body are there for the taking, but they do require consistent, daily action to build and maintain. What health strategies are you willing to commit to every day? Some are easier than you think. Here’s a must read piece on why your morning whey protein shake is the summer health essential.

Since we’re discussing healthy actions to take this summer, an update on sweetened beverages seems appropriate. You may know they add calories, but did you know they can also cause this heart–imperiling problem?

Speaking of heart health, here’s another short piece about a heart disease risk factor you may be unfamiliar with. Fortunately, it also happens to be among the easier “red flags” to get in check–once you learn about it, that is.

With that, I hope the reminder of your summer is filled with happiness, adventure, and vitality. Thank you, as always, for being a valued part of the EnergyFirst community!

In health,
Gerry Morton


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