Energy First News

For decades, airport and airline food has been abysmal. Seasoned travelers know to pack a lunch from home if they don’t want to pay $9 for a simple-yet-stale cheese sandwich or $5 for a tiny bottle of water.
You’ve just come back from a run, ride or other outdoor workout with a shiny sheen of sweat superimposed on a soaked shirt.  It dawns on you that the summer heat has finally arrived.
If you’ve been told that your blood pressure is too high, you might be tempted to go for the quick-fix prescription drug solutions. The problem with prescription drugs is you never get something for nothing - everything has a side effect.
It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that fast food and the major food producers (big food) may not have your best interests at heart.
You’ve seen the ads, pushing bright, shiny pills in pretty colors. "This blue pill will make your life better...oh, and here’s the list of possible lethal side effects."

  • > Healty Heart
  • > Healthy Brain
  • > Increased Fat Burning!
  • > Balanced Mood
  • > Healty Joint Movement
  • > Healthy Cholesterol
  • > Healthy Immune System
  • > Healthy Kidneys
  • Healthy Lifestyle Basics
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