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Men’s Health Month

"Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well." Marcus Valerius Martial

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June greetings! This is Men’s Health Month, and in honor of this important national observance, we have a question for you. Have you ever worked on a project for your job that called for diligence, perseverance and follow–through? Most of us have. So now, how about taking the skills and talents you have demonstrated professionally and applying them to an even more important project—in fact, the most important one you’ve ever been responsible for? Your health!

Clearly, the smartest approach to health is keeping it. This is achieved by protecting yourself from illness through informed, daily lifestyle choices. If your health is already slipping, now is the time to reclaim it. Fortunately, in most cases—with the right tools, information and willingness—you can. For starters, check out this brief, engaging piece on boosting heart health naturally.

Even if you feel fine, all men should have regular blood pressure, cholesterol, colon, prostate, and inflammation screenings after age 40-especially as many conditions don’t present symptoms until your wellness is already impaired. Dangerously quiet, chronic inflammation is a perfect example. Although it’s a serious issue, you can outsmart it. Here’s a short article on one inflammation-busting tactic so simple, it will surprise you.

We would be remiss in covering Men’s Health Month without addressing the prostate. Our short article on the topic will bring you up to speed on natural ways to boost prostate health and guard against prostate cancer. Granted, we’re delivering a lot here, but information is power, especially where your longevity is concerned.

Best wishes for your continued wellness!
Gerry Morton


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