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"Old age is not a time of life. It is a condition of the body. It is not time that ages the body, it is abuse that does."
- Herbert Shelton


Heart Disease 724,859
Cancer 541,532
Stroke 158,448
Adverse Reactions To Prescription Drugs
2 million additional injuries were caused by adverse reactions to prescription drugs
100,000 to 160,000
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 112, 584
Pneumonia/Influenza 91,871
Diabetes 64,751
Automobile Accidents 39,325
Suicide: 30,575
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis 26,182
Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis: 25,192
Food Contamination 9,100
Boating Accidents 2,064
Household Cleaners 74
Acute Pesticide Poisoning 12
All Vitamins 0
Amino acids 0
Commercial Herbal Products 0

Sources of Data: 1998: National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 48, No. 11 and Journal of the American Medical Association (April 1998) 1995: American Association of Poison Control Centers, National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control, March of Dimes, Consumer Product Safety Commission, FDA Reports.

Lisa's Comments:

Pretty shocking isn't it, to think that the FDA is seeking to regulate the innocuous herbal supplement industry, yet is still allowing the sale of toxic prescription drugs. Just look at the most recent drug controversy, when popular painkiller drug Vioxx was pulled from the market in September last year after being found to double cardiovascular risks, with over 27,000 reported deaths resulting from that one drug alone. Celebrex and other Cox-2 inhibitors are soon to follow! How many more drugs out there are doing this kind of damage, yet are still dispensed whimsically by our drug companies. Any prescription drug puts a strain on the liver, the organ responsible for detoxifying our body. Eventually the liver cannot possibly process all the toxins we are constantly pumping into our systems, from the environment (polluted air and water), the toxic foods we eat (processed, packaged foods, red meats, and heavy fats), and the toxic drugs we take, and our cells end up overloaded with toxins. The state of our cellular health dictates our energy levels, resistance against disease, and overall health and well-being. If our cells are sick, we become sick.

Therefore, it is vitally important that we follow the Hippocratic oath: "Let food be your medicine. Let medicine be your food ," and only put foods and substances into our bodies that are going to cleanse rather than clog our cells, and therefore ensure optimal health and energy!

"Disease, in my opinion, how prejudicial whatsoever its causes may be to the body, is no more than a vigorous effort of nature to throw off morbidic matter and thus recover the patient." Thomas Shydenham, M.D.

Our Story

Our Story

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