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Don't you love it when you someone tells you how great you look? It's that healthy glow and vibrancy that makes us all look and feel great! Well, a long time customer, Lucy R. from Brea, CA called in and told us that her doctor asked "What is your secret?" to which she answered Greenergy. We love it when someone tells you that you look great!

It seems the secret is out! EnergyFirst can help you look and feel great!

This month, I thought you might enjoy learning more about those "secrets". When I am answering questions about our products, I often direct people to our website - which is a great resource for more specific and detailed information. If you have not read through our website in awhile, I invite you to check it out (we continually update and add useful information). Here are a few of the fantastic web pages I recommend that you check out:

Let EnergyFirst help you look and feel great!

Yours in great health, 
Gerry Morton 

What is my secret? EnergyFirst's Greenergy!

As a long time customer of EnergyFirst, I am happy to tell you about my results with Greenergy. Recently, I went in for an appointment and my doctor couldn't believe how good I look for my age. My doctor asked me what my secret was and I told him about Greenergy...

Lucy R.
Brea, CA

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Which is Better: Cardio Exercise or Strength Training?

If you were allowed to choose only one type of exercise to do, which one should you choose: cardio exercise or strength training? In other words, which is better for you?

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Buying Organic: Worth the Cost?

Organic produce costs more to grow than produce grown with non-organic fertilizers and pesticides. For example, the price of regular raw spinach at my local supermarket is $1.49 per pound. The cost of organic spinach is $2.49 per pound. Is organic produce worth paying so much more for?

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A Closer Look at the Glycemic Index

Twenty years ago, most Americans had never heard of the glycemic index. Today, it's a familiar concept.

The glycemic index is a measure of how quickly the blood glucose level rises after carbohydrate-containing foods are consumed.

We know that most vegetables and whole grain foods are considered low to moderate glycemic, while most sugary and starchy foods are considered high glycemic. And we know that the carbs in high-glycemic foods are more likely to be converted to body fat and that, over time, eating too many high-glycemic foods increases the risk of becoming overweight and insulin resistant.

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  Shake Recipe
  of the Month





Breezy-Freezy Shake

1 to 2 scoops of ProEnergy Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
1- 1 1/2 cups of pure water or skim milk
1 cup reduced fat mango yogurt
1/4 of frozen pineapple
1/2 - 1 banana
Add ice for extra thickness

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Healty Heart
Healthy Brain
Increased Fat Burning!
Balanced Mood
Healty Joint Movement
Healthy Cholesterol
Healthy Immune System
Healthy Kidneys
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Healthy Lifestyle Basics

5 Servings of Vegetables
in Every Scoop.

Natural Whey Protein
This protein powder is perfect fuel for building
lean, strong muscle.

Omega Mix Blend
Essential to maintain
optimal energy levels and promote brain, joint, vascular, and heart health.