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Gerry Morton

Add 14 Years to Your Life

If you could make only one lifestyle change to live longer, what should it be? Well, it depends:

  • If you smoke, then it would be to stop smoking.
  • If you don't eat many fruits and vegetables, it would be to increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables to five servings a day or more.
  • If you don't exercise, it would be to start exercising.
  • If you currently drink a lot of alcohol, or none at all, then you should switch to moderate alcohol consumption (one or two drinks a day).

All of this is according to a study conducted by a team of British Researchers who assessed health habits and tracked deaths in 20,000 men and women over a five-year period. They found that those who exercised, did not smoke, ate at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, and drank moderately lived 14 years longer, on average, than those who had none of these health habits.

My recommendation is still to eliminate all alcohol, especially if you´re trying to lose body fat. I wanted to share this study with you though since it would seem to show that 1-2 drinks a day can still be part of a healthy lifestyle. It´s important to remember not to have those drinks on an empty stomach. Also remember that alcohol is an appetite stimulant, so spread the drink throughout dinner.

Smoking = Slow Suicide

As you might have guessed, not smoking was the healthiest of the four habits identified in this study. Participants who did not smoke were 80 percent healthier than those who did, according to the authors. But you might be surprised to learn that the number two health habit was not exercise but eating fruits and vegetables.

There is no substitute for fresh, whole plant foods such as apples and broccoli. However, nutritional products that are made entirely from such foods, such as Greenergy Superfood, are a valuable supplement to fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy lifestyle that includes Greenergy will add years to your life—and life to your years!

Our Story

Our Story

EnergyFirst, a leading company in the all-natural protein and supplement industry, was founded in 1997. We, at EnergyFirst, believe that everyone can benefit from drinking a protein shake whether the goal is optimal nutrition in a meal replacement, an easy and healthy breakfast alternative, a weight loss aid, or a protein supplement for athletes. We also believe that your protein shake should be 100% natural and delicious. Nutritionist, educator, athlete, and EnergyFirst's CEO, Gerry Morton is committed to providing customers with all natural, science-based, effective products for optimal nutrition, weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle.

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Gerry Morton,
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