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Build a New Resolution

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I love the start of a new year, don’t you? The notion of a clean slate can be very motivating, offering a fresh opportunity to renew and recalibrate – especially where your health is concerned. For many Americans, getting in shape is a top resolution. In fact, according to a 2010 Gallup Health survey, 62% of Americans exceed their ideal weight, while only 19% maintain it.

If you envision yourself with a slim, fit body in the coming year, why not strive for it? We’ll get you started on the right foot with an article that outlines three highly effective tools proven to help you achieve – and maintain – your ideal weight. These products have helped thousands of men and women attain results. Now it’s your turn.

While many of us make ambitious resolutions each year, the challenge can be keeping them. If this sounds familiar, you’ll appreciate this article that reveals one simple thing you need to greatly increase your chances of actualizing any new year’s resolution. Though it’s simple, many of us neglect it year after year.

This issue also reviews an interesting study on happiness. This is a timely subject as we all hope for a “happy new year.” Why settle for less? But how much of our happiness is actually within our control? This article addresses the topic in a way that just may surprise you. Don’t miss it...

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for your support this past year. You may know that EnergyFirst was recently listed by Inc Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies. The best part of this recognition is that it confirms that we’re truly reaching you with wellness solutions that work. Knowing that the EnergyFirst program is impacting so many with enhanced well-being on a daily basis is – for us – the best reward of all. We’re grateful to have you onboard and we look forward to achieving wonderful things together in 2011!

Here’s to your happiest and healthiest year yet,
Gerry Morton


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