f Fish Oil Omega 3s DHA and EPA: Can’t Live Healthy Without Them
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Get Omega 3 Fish Oil (Starring DHA and EPA) For A Healthy Life

What's all the hype about fish oil? And what are omega 3s, DHA and EPA?

Time to take your daily fish oil supplement! But why is it so important? Fish oil is critical to your health and the proper functioning of each and every cell in your body due to the omega 3s that it provides.

Omega 3s are the essential fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). DHA and EPA cannot be synthesized by your body and must be acquired from outside sources, like fish oil supplements and flax seeds. Wild fish is a great source of omega 3s too but when you eat enough fish to get enough omega 3s, you risk the mercury and PCBs found in fish. High quality fish oil supplements are purified for these toxins, which is why they are so often used as a primary source of omega 3s.

DHA and EPA are critical to normal cell functioning. DHA and EPA go into your cell membranes where they help cells work and grow. DHA and EPA help with many processes, including brain development and functioning, cell-to-cell communication, regulation of inflammation, electrical stability and metabolism.

If your cells don't get the needed amount of DHA and EPA, they can't run smoothly and eventually break down. DHA and EPA are so crucial to your body and mind working properly that scientists believe that the lack of these omega 3s in most Western diets is behind many illnesses, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The good news is that if you haven't been getting your omega 3 DHA and EPA, you can increase your intake by supplementing your diet with fish oil and help it get back to its ideal, healthy state. When we get the right amount of DHA and EPA, we can lower our risk of cardiac death, regulate cholesterol, fight depression, improve circulation, decrease inflammation in the body, protect against age-related blindness, lower risk of cardiac death, regenerate nerve cells, diminish inflammation of brain tissue, restore proper communication between brain and neurons, ease rheumatoid arthritis, improve mood, alleviate dyslexia, and provide vascular protection, among other things.

The other bit of good news is that you're reading this article and can start getting your omega 3s now so that your cells have a chance to work properly and your body can avoid any kind of breakdown.

Why have I heard so much about DHA lately?

If you're heard about the importance of DHA, it's probably in relation to its ability to fight depression. DHA is critical to brain function and a healthy nervous system. In fact, the brain is made up of mostly fat (sixty percent is fat) and most of that fat is DHA. (DHA is also the fat that makes up most of the retina of our eyes and is crucial for visual acuity.) DHA is necessary for healthy communication between the brain and nervous system, and when it's not there, the system starts to break down. Hence the effect of DHA on depression. Research has also shown that people who suffer from depression often have low levels of EPA.

Is there a certain DHA vs EPA percentage that I should be getting?

As far as DHA versus EPA percentage goes, there are a variety of ratios when it comes to fish oil supplements. Usually it's two to one EPA:DHA, with the Physicians for Optimal Heart and Brain Health recommending an EPA v.s. DHA ratio of 40/20.

Otherwise, the optimal DHA vs EPA percentage really depends on what you're taking it for. In some cases, it's more important to get more EPA than DHA and vice versa. For example, regular use, heart health and joint health, to name a few, benefit from higher percentages of EPA, whereas brain and mood health benefit from higher percentages of DHA.

Is Omega 3 EPA 180 DHA 120 a good concentration level of EPA versus DHA?

When you start looking at fish oil gels as your source for omega 3 DHA and EPA, you'll see: omega 3 EPA 180 DHA 120. Omega 3 EPA 180 DHA 120 is the standard level of DHA and EPA concentration in 1000 mg fish oil soft gels . This level is a good level to keep your cells running smoothly and to promote heart health, prevent degenerative diseases and fight against immune disorders, skin disorders, diabetes, and obesity, among others.

Getting the Best Fish Oil Supplements For You

In addition to getting a good DHA vs EPA percentage and Omega 3 EPA 180 DHA 120, there are some other items to look for in fish oil supplements. You can go to our high quality fish oil checklist (link to Article 9) to get started. You can also read about the benefits of fish oil and the recommended dosages.

And while you're doing your homework and making an educated decision on fish oil, you can start with Energy First liquid fish oil or fish oil gels to get your body and mind going with the necessary omega 3s. EnergyFirst offers a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose except your health and a good mood if you don't get started.

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Our Story

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused portion for a full refund."
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