Get Your Daily Green Powder Drink – Why is it so important to keep the right alkaline pH?

Green powder drinks are completely alkaline–forming and can help your body maintain the right alkaline pH balance. You’ve probably heard that this is a key benefit of green powder supplements, but you may wonder: what does alkaline pH mean and how does it benefit your body to alkalize using powdered greens?

Powdered Greens Boost Alkaline pH – Why is this good?

Our bodies are designed to maintain a specific alkaline/acid balance. This "pH balance" (pH meaning potential of hydrogen) needs to be slightly alkaline for our cells to work properly (that’s where the green powders come in). On the other hand, part of natural cell function is to create waste that is acidic. Some of this acidic waste is used by our bodies as energy, and the excess is flushed out. Our bodies work very hard to get rid of the excess acid, but if they can’t or if the acid builds up for other reasons (stress, poor diet), an alkaline/acid imbalance occurs. This pH imbalance is bad news.

When our bodies are acidic, unfriendly bacteria, viruses, yeast and other unfriendly organisms flourish. As opposed to when our bodies are slightly alkaline (from eating alkaline foods like raw veggies and green food powders), and unfriendly bacteria, cancer, yeast and viruses CAN’T survive! The unhealthy fungus, bacteria, viruses, molds are always there in our bodies but they can only thrive if our bodies lose their acid/alkaline balance. When the body gets too acidic, it goes into emergency alkalize mode and does various things to buffer the acid so that our blood can keep its ideal pH level:

  • uses "alkaline" reserves, if it has any
  • takes calcium from blood, teeth, bones, and tissue to act as a buffer (did anyone say "osteoporosis"?)
  • stores the acid as fat to keep it away from our organs (some people say that returning to a good balanced pH has allowed them to lose fat)

The ideal alkaline/acid balance is 7.4, which is slightly higher than the neutral state of 7.0. (This balance is a measure of body fluids and tissues, not stomach acidity.) When the pH drops below 7.0, your body is acidic. When it dips below 6.0 (critical pH), our teeth start to demineralize and our cells start to dysfunction, which can lead to disease. Sounds pretty bad, right?

To test your pH you can get pH strips that test your saliva. (Saliva is a distillate of your blood and is therefore an easy and accurate measuring tool.) See below for some tricks about measuring pH, courtesy of Gerry Morton’s Energy Guidebook.

Interesting Alkaline Findings and More Reasons To Get Your Daily Green Food Powder

While common thought is that osteoporosis happens when you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, studies have shown that in countries where little dairy is consumed, osteoporosis is very rare. The real reason? Some researchers believe that osteoporosis is linked to having too much acid in the body and the body taking calcium from bones, teeth and tissue in an attempt to alkalize blood PH and stay healthy.

Another interesting tidbit is that our bodies need a balanced pH to be able to absorb nutrients and minerals. So if you’re not seeing benefits from the multi-vitamins and supplements you’ve been taking and that nutrient-rich diet you’ve been eating, you may want to look at your pH balance.

Tips to Keep Alkaline Balanced: Green Food Powders, Green Drink Powders, Veggies and More

Dairy, meat, eggs, medications, poor diet, and processed foods like flour, sugar, coffee and artificial sweeteners are examples of what can make the body more acidic.

Green drink powders, green food powders and other superfood greens; barley grass; lemons; limes; grapefruit; leafy greens; broccoli; flax seed oil; and olive oil are some examples of what can make the body more alkaline.

In an ideal body, we would maintain alkalinity and have some saved up for a rainy day and daily stress that can cause an influx of acid. Our bodies can keep "alkaline reserves" that they can use when our bodies gets too acidic.

Here’s what you can do to keep your body alkalized:

  • Balance your diet with 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. Search the web for lists of alkaline and acidic foods.
  • Get green powder drinks and green powder supplements on a daily basis. Green drink powder is a fabulous alkalizer as it’s 100% alkaline and easy to make. Powdered greens contain alkaline-forming minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium, all which help prevent the body from becoming acidic.
  • Go fresh fruit and veggie on a daily basis. When you see your list of alkaline and acidic foods, you’ll see that almost all greens and veggies are alkaline. Many fresh fruits are as well. Dried fruit, however, is very acidic.
  • Drink plenty of pure water.
  • Do something for you every day to keep your stress down. And if you have a high stress day, supplement with more greens.
  • Eat a healthy mix of lean protein, healthy oils and carbs (preferably green carbs like green drink powder) at every meal to give your cells proper nutrition.
  • Check your pH balance regularly so you can adjust your diet accordingly.

Why Green Powders when it comes to alkaline pH?

In addition to being completely alkaline-promoting, green food powders are very convenient. And as we all know, we’re more likely to get healthy when it’s convenient.

  • Powdered greens are loaded with 100% alkaline ingredients.
  • Green powder supplements are easy to take. Just add water, make a tasty green drink smoothie or sprinkle on a salad or other meal.
  • Green food powder offers a tasty alternative when you just can’t eat another salad or bite of broccoli. Also, since most of us rarely eat veggies in the morning, green drinks are a nice way to get greens for breakfast if added to a breakfast smoothie.
  • Green powder comes in convenient bottles that are easy to throw on a carry-on when you’re traveling. Because when was the last time you had a dark leafy green salad at the airport?

Ready to go green powder and go alkaline?

Remember, an acidic environment promotes diseases, particularly of inflammation, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, digestive issues, and respiratory disorders. So it’s imperative that we keep our bodies slightly alkaline.

The EnergyFirst green drink powder Greenergy is a great place to start and is currently available with a money-back guarantee. An easy way to begin with a green plan is to mix a green drink for breakfast or as a quick snack. Green drink powder can be added to water or you can click here for some awesome smoothie recipes.

Here’s how to test your saliva pH, courtesy of the Energy Guidebook.

When: The best time to test your saliva pH is 1–2 hours after a meal.

Tools: Litmus paper (Range 5.5–8.0) Brand: Hydrion from Micro Essential Laboratory and a plastic spoon.

Method: Spit saliva into the plastic spoon and dip litmus paper then remove immediately. Within 3 seconds compare the litmus paper to the accompanying color chart.

Results: Yellow indicates very acid saliva. Dark Blue indicates neutral to slightly alkaline saliva.

Aim: You want to fine–tune the balance of the protein, fats, and carbohydrates in your meals so that you test neutral or slightly alkaline (pH 7 to 7.4).

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Our Story

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