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Organic Berry Powder

Organic Berry Powder


It is well-known in the world of natural health that berries are an excellent source of antioxidants. EnergyFirst's Organic Berry Powder contains a unique blend of berry extracts, which act as a potent antioxidant when combined. This antioxidant blend will address several areas of your physical health, allowing you to achieve an overall sense of vitality. All the ingredients in this product are 100% natural and organic.  As with the rest of the EnergyFirst line, we offer only the highest quality and most effective products available anywhere.  

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An organic, natural, great tasting and healthy way to sweeten your shake! Certified for the highest ORAC levels!
Online Price: $31.99


When it comes to seeing the maximum health benefits of antioxidants, this Organic Berry Powder is extremely powerful. In their individual forms, the berries contained in this product will reduce your chance of experiencing cardiovascular diseases, painful inflammation, cancer, age related visual conditions, memory loss, and obvious signs of aging like wrinkles. When combined, the berries in this product are even more powerful. Each ingredient has the ability to work alongside the next, and will allow you to achieve the highest level of health available to you.

As you go through your everyday life, you will come into contact with harmful agents in your environment. While it is impossible to avoid pollutants and toxins, it is possible to give your immune system the boost it needs to prevent them from causing you damage. As each toxin comes into contact with your body, it will create free radicals that can cause fatigue in the short-term and cancer in the long-term. Through the use of antioxidants, you can keep free radicals reduced to a minimal level, and ensure you experience excellent long-term health.

As well as reducing the presence of free radicals in your body, this product can help you lose weight. You may have read about various berries aiding with the weight loss process in the news, and it is due to their antioxidant properties that they are capable of doing this. With over seven berries present in this product, your blood sugar will balance, which will in turn cause you to experience less cravings. In the absence of cravings, it is easy to abstain from bad foods and turn towards healthier options. With this product, you will achieve a sense of physical and mental well-being that will allow you to reach your weight loss and health goals.

Finally, for those who want to look as young as they feel, the EnergyFirst Organic Berry Powder will slow the aging process. By fighting free radicals and reducing inflammation, this product can help to prevent wrinkles, limit sun damage, and make your skin look fresher and younger.

The Organic Berry Powder drink is sweet and tasty. It's a great way to sweeten up your EnergyFirst Shake naturally!  You can choose to drink it alone, or you can add it to your usual shakes and smoothies. The versatile nature of this powder will make taking it a breeze, which is ideal for those who lead busy lifestyles. To see the full benefits of this product, you should take it on a daily basis alongside a healthy lifestyle. Once you have begun using Organic Berry Powder, (especially in combination with our ProEnergy and Greenergy) you will achieve a sense of vitality like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Customer Reviews

Berry Powder..

Another wonderful product from Energy First. Just started taking this with they're Protein Powder & Greens, & it's Fabulous. Great taste, & it's ALL NATURAL !!!





I use the Organic Berry Powder in combination with Greenergy it tastes great and the benefits are numerous. Thanks Energy First for such great Products...


Paradise, CA


Organic berry powder

I like the combination of berries in this product

Erving Santiago

Raliegh. n.c.


Organic Berry Powder

This is SOOOOO delicious!! Even my kids love to drink it. SO far I have just had it mixed in water, but it would probably be awesome in yogurt!

Lois Fogal

Seaford, NY


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Featured Success Story

"I have lost weight... and inches off my waist while feeling energized throughout the day. Thank you EnergyFirst!"

EnergyFirst´s products have made me healthier than I have ever been. As a 24 year old business owner, I live at a face pace and need the energy to power me through my day.
Mike Brown, CEO www.ModBargains.com
Orange County, CA