We are a healthy lifestyle company, providing quality products, reliable information and caring support to help individuals and organizations focus on creating healthy BALANCE in their lives.

Born out of a passion to develop the cleanest, purest, healthiest whey protein powder available anywhere, 7 Natural Laws created The Natural Whey Protein Powder in 2002. Over the last 7 years, we have prided ourselves on offering only the very best products with the highest levels of customer service. We build relationships with our clients and guarantee 100% satisfaction on anything that leaves our warehouse.

7 Natural Laws is a privately held division of NutriScience Corporation. NutriScience prides itself on providing serious nutrition and wellness programs based on cutting-edge research from preeminent anti-aging and sports nutrition specialists and scientific research foundations. Our programs outline a complete lifestyle approach, with an emphasis not just on losing weight, but on getting lean, increasing energy, and attaining optimal health and wellness for life. Our philosophy is to advance a lifestyle of health and nutrition through education, based on the latest in biochemistry research; optimal nutritional products, to create positive change; and individual support, to sustain your new way of life for good!